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How do we make a map

The map you create here can be compared with any open source planetarium software before you order. This way you can be sure that the information you receive is accurate.

Our software is able to render and show stars with different magnitudes (up to magnitude six), meaning that it can show visible stars in dark skies. As you create your star map, you’ll notice that the image updates as you make adjustments and edit the input provided.

Stars closer to the edge of the circle are shown this way as they were actually closer to the horizon during your chosen moment – the stars nearer to the centre of the circle means they were closer to you, perhaps right above you! The sizes of the dots are determined by taking into account the apparent magnitude of that specific star on the specific date, time and location you have chosen.

Every star that was present during your chosen moment is displayed via a dot. Meaning that every dot represents a real star. There are many more stars displayed than what the human eye can see, even on clear night! Additionally, the planets of the Solar System are also displayed, including the Sun and the Moon – you can choose however, whether you want the star constellations to be displayed or not, as well as their names.