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Hey there, fellow star

I’ve been fascinated by the stars as long as I can remember. I’ve seen galaxies and comets, and have tried to find all the star constellations. And then I noticed that the star studded sky actually changes – for me this was a very special moment.

Later on in life I got older, taller and changed, as many people do. But my love for the stars never faded. Wherever I happened to find myself in the world, I would look up at the sky to see what the stars look like at that specific location.

Every important day that I’ve had has always ended by looking up at the stars – and wanting to freeze that moment, to always remember what they looked like on that big day. That is how I came up with the idea to capture a small part of my history for a moment in eternity.

The first map was created as a reminder for a perfect day – the day I met my soul mate. Written in the stars, forever.