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Create your star map

Create your star map
for any date and bring it to life as a gorgeous artwork in your home.

What is
My Star Sky?

A perfect gift. My Star Sky creates the actual map of the sky based on the location and date you provide. Personalize it by choosing color style and by adding symbols and quotes that have special meaning for you. Choose the format – it is available as a printed poster or as a digital file ready for printing.

  • Digital file
    34€ 29€
  • Printed poster
    60€ 55€

Vivid memories
captured for a lifetime

Ever wondered what the night sky looked like on
the day your heart skipped a beat?

The day you met your special person?
Your first kiss?
Your wedding day?
Your child was born?
The graduation day?
The retirement day?
You won your first game?
Your first pet?

My Star Sky is a great way to commemorate
all the special moments in your life.

You are
the creator

You design the star map for a specific date and place where your memory was created.

your elements

Choose from 6 unique styles, add symbols and personal quotes. At the end you will get the Star Map with the highest print quality, made of finest art 192gsm matte paper.

and easy

It takes only two minutes to create your personal and original gift. We will send it to you wherever you are.

Moments in time.
Captured in

Special people and special memories make our life wonderful. Make the star map inspired by your moments and experiences you cherish the most. This is the way to keep them for eternity!

How do we make a map

In order for us to make our maps as astronomically accurate as possible, our algorithm uses numerous sources which allow for pinpoint accuracy: Les Cumbres Observatory, NASA Astronomical Data Center Star Catalogue and the ESA star catalogue from Hipparcos mission, generated by the Hipparcos space-based telescope. These are the foundations of program, allowing us to show what the stars looked like on any given date, at any point on Earth.

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